Money. Today, it is the single most powerful concept which is steering the direction mankind is going to take next. In a world when such a notion is affecting every strata of our society, we believe it is imperative for individuals of every nation, class or creed to be aware of the principles which give this five letter word the power it has.

The Economics Students’ Organization at the University of Toronto, Scarborough aims to fill the voids which exist in people’s minds of the way economics functions and make them aware of its power to influence their daily lives. Together, we wish to explore, discuss and dissect the phenomena that details this world- Economics.

Rethinking-1024x372ESO is also proud to be affiliated with ‘Rethinking Economics’— an international network of economics enthusiasts, dedicated to revolutionizing the field and initiating discussions on economic pluralism. Having established their Toronto Chapter, and the first satellite group at the University of Toronto, Scarborough, we are committed to truly rethink economics, enlighten students to think deeper than the words of their textbooks and most of all, advance this field in pedagogy to integrate the theoretical frameworks of Economics in the not-so perfect world we live in.